Project: Workspace Design_Interiors

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Completed: Mar 2017


A 1800 sqft creative setup inspired by the idea of a theatre stage interpreted into a contemporary work space.  The office layout has a variety of informal breakout spaces for teams to share, collaborate, work and discuss. Design elements such as the light feature and elevated floors is an interpretation of stage setup.  The challenge of the project was to execute the entire design within a short span of 25 days. The materials used in the design vary from industrial finishes to finer veneers and polishes in order to articulate combinations of materials to achieve a raw and rustic ambiance.

The vibrancy of two distinct colours (crimson and cyan) reflects the manner in which the office treats its clients.  The cyan leads the end user to the product they desire, while the crimson ties the entire work culture of Adosphere together.